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 Billing and Coding: Utilization of certified coders and experienced billers  Billing Revenue Cycle Optimization: Increase your revenue by improving both above board operations, identify and fix revenue cycle leaks, benchmark business achievements, and manage weekly steady cash flow.  Training: Solving and investigative skills, organizing time management, teaching staff sound judgement, and the ability to identify potential problems and understanding the correct persons to involve in the solution. This training will improve problem solving and investigative skills and demonstrate how to identify medical claims, worker's comp and injury claims. We also train the provider and staff so they are aware of relevant Medicare and Medicaid guidelines as well as commercial and HMO's insurance rules and regulations.  Credentialing Assessment: We will process initial enrollment for Medicare, Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  
  Providing Updated Information: Keep you informed regarding insurance regulations for Medicaid, Medicare, HMO's and Commercial Payor through HIPPA, and OIG guidelines. 

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