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 Schooling and training in medical billing in the U.S. Military; also worked as data entry clerks, management, supervisor, then hospital administrator in the U.S. Military. After (ending time in service) we worked in the private sector in a multi specialty group office operating the billing department, bridging the gap between the hospitals and insurance companies for payment to providers for services rendered. After such time, seeing the rising costs of healthcare due mainly to the result of an aging population, combined with a rising life expectancy, was putting pressure on government and healthcare institutions to manage spiraling cost levels. In 1995, we started our own Medical Billing Service called SonTash and continued with the existing Group Providers and Individual Practice.
 Skills and Programs:
 Programs: Microsoft Office ,Outlook, Excel, Word   
 Healthcare Billing Software and programs:   
 NeuMD, Nebo, Ecare, Medi, NaviNet, Avality, Passport One, Cyber Med.
 Sound judgment, possessing the ability to identify potential problems and understanding the correct persons to involve in the solution.
 Excellent problem solving and investigative skills.
 Provide expert staff and compliant Certified Professional Coder's (CPC).

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